Vibratore Realistico Big Boss Get Real 20cm Rosa

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The Classic Original Vibrator from the Get Real by TOYJOY collection is a quality vibrator with amazing skills and thrills to provide unlimited intimate pleasure. The design has a sexy, slightly curved shaft that will effortlessly fill you with lustful desire. This pleasure provider has a lifelike silhouette featuring realistic detailing such as pulsing veins and a pronounced tip. Its powerful multispeed vibrations are easy to control with a twist-cap base and its smooth silicone exterior feels silky on the skin. The Classic Original Vibrator uses 2 AA-batteries and comes in a modern, sleek packaging.

7 modalitdi vibrazione. Batterie: 2 stilo AA 1,5V (Non incluse). Diametro Max: 4,2cm. Impermeabile. Lunghezza Totale: 20cm. unghezza Penetrabile: 17cm. Materiale: Silicone.
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