Vibratore Maxi Queeny Love Giant Lover 35cm Viola

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...just as the name implies! This is a must-have bed accessory if you like it bigger and better. This bad boy fills you out completely and completes his grandeur with a realistic head and delicately pronounced veins. Easy-glide jelly material allows smooth penetration. Purple. Size: 38 cm, 6-7 cm. Material: TPR, ABS, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH. Please order batteries separately: 2 x AA.
Composizione: TPR

Batterie: 2 stilo AA 1,5V (Non incluse). Diametro Max: 7cm. Gigantesco. Ideale per il fisting. Lunghezza Penetrabile: 33cm. Lunghezza Totale: 35cm. Vibrazione regolabile. Materiale: PVC.
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